SI-HEP-2015-19 Global Analysis of b→ sll Anomalies
 Author:   Sebastien Descotes-Genon, Lars Hofer, Joaquim Matias, Javier Virto
 SI-HEP-2015-18 Direct probes of flavor-changing neutral currents in e+e--collisions
 Author:   Alexander Khodjamirian, Thomas Mannel and Alexey Petrov
 SI-HEP-2015-17 Two-loop current-current operator contribution to the non-leptonic QCD penguin amplitude
 Author:   G. Bell, M. Beneke, T. Huber, X.-Q. Li
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2015-16 Form factors in B→ ππlνl from QCD light-cone sum rules
 Author:   Christian Hambrock and Alexander Khodjamirian
 SI-HEP-2015-15 Chromomagnetic operator coefficient at NLO with full c-quark mass dependence
 Author:   Th. Mannel, A.A.Pivovarov,D.Rosenthal
 SI-HEP-2015-14 Zero-Recoil Sum Rule for Λb → Λc Form Factors
 Author:   Thomas Mannel, Danny van Dyk
 SI-HEP-2015-13 Bottomonium Hyperfine Splitting on the Lattice and in the Continuum
 Author:   M. Baker, A.A. Penin, D. Seidel, N. Zerf
 SI-HEP-2015-12 Inclusive barB to Xs ell+ ell-: Complete angular analysis and a thorough study of collinear photons
 Author:   T. Huber, T. Hurth, E. Lunghi
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2015-11 Analyzing b→ u transitions in semileptonic Bs → K*+(→ K π)l-νl decays
 Author:   Thorsten Feldmann, Bastian Müller, Danny van Dyk
 SI-HEP-2015-10 Hadronic effects and observables in B→ πl+l- decay at large recoil
 Author:   Christian Hambrock, Alexander Khodjamirian and Aleksey Rusov
 SI-HEP-2015-09 Two-loop master integrals for non-leptonic heavy-to-heavy decays
 Author:   Tobias Huber, Susanne Kränkl
 SI-HEP-2015-08 Updated NNLO QCD predictions for the weak radiative B-meson decays
 Author:   M. Misiak, T. Huber, M. Poradzinski, J. Virto, et al.
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2015-07 Angular Analysis of New Physics Operators in polarised tau to 3 ell decays
 Author:   Robin Brüser, Thorsten Feldmann, Björn O. Lange, Thomas Mannel, Sascha Turczyk
 SI-HEP-2015-06 Light-Quark Decays in Heavy Hadrons
 Author:   Sven Faller and Thomas Mannel
 SI-HEP-2015-05 Time dependence in B->Vll decays
 Author:   Sebastien Descotes-Genon, Javier Virto
 SI-HEP-2015-04 1/m Corrections for Orbitally Excited Heavy Mesons and the 1/2 - 3/2 Puzzle
 Author:   Rebecca Klein, Thomas Mannel, Farnoush Shahriaran, Danny van Dyk
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2015-03 The boldmath (Q7,Q1,2) contribution to bar Bto Xsgamma at mathcal Oleft(alphas2right)
 Author:   Michal Czakon, Paul Fiedler, Tobias Huber, Mikolaj Misiak, Thomas Schutzmeier, Matthias Steinhauser
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2015-02 Flavour, Electroweak Symmetry Breaking and Dark Matter: state of the art and future prospects
 Author:   Giulia Ricciardi, Alexandre Arbey, Enrico Bertuzzo, Adrian Carmona, Radovan Dermisek, Tobias Huber, Tobias Hurth, Yuval Grossman, Joern Kersten, Enrico Lunghi Farvah Mahmoudi, Antonio Masiero, Matthias Neubert, William Shepherd, Liliana Velasco-Sevilla
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2015-01 Combining Pati-Salam and Flavour Symmetries
 Author:   Thorsten Feldmann, Florian Hartmann, Wolfgang Kilian, Christoph Luhn
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2014-29 Four-Body contributions to B→ Xsγ at NLO
 Author:   Tobias Huber, Michal Poradzinski, Javier Virto
 SI-HEP-2014-28 Nonleptonic Three-Body Decays of B Mesons
 Author:   Susanne Kränkl, Thomas Mannel, Javier Virto
 SI-HEP-2014-27 Testing solar lepton mixing sum rules in neutrino oscillation experiments
 Author:   Peter Ballett, Stephen F. King, Christoph Luhn, Silvia Pascoli, Michael A. Schmidt
 SI-HEP-2014-26 Modern Particle Event Generation with Whizard
 Author:   Fabian Bach, Bijan Choukoufe, Wolfgang Kilian, Thorsten Ohl, Jürgen Reuter, Marco Sekulla, Christian Weiss
 SI-HEP-2014-25 Non-leptonic B-decays at two-loops in QCD
 Author:   T. Huber
 SI-HEP-2014-24 Master integrals for the two-loop penguin contribution in non-leptonic B-decays
 Author:   G. Bell, T. Huber
 SI-HEP-2014-23 Model independent bounds on the two-pion contribution to (g-2)μ
 Author:   B.Ananthanarayan, Irinel Caprini, Diganta Das, I. Sentitemsu Imsong
 SI-HEP-2014-22 The B-meson Light-Cone Distribution Amplitude in Dual Space
 Author:   Bjorn O. Lange
 SI-HEP-2014-21 Extrapolations and unitarity bounds for B→ π form factors
 Author:   I. Sentitemsu Imsong, Alexander Khodjamirian, Thomas Mannel, Danny van Dyk (U Siegen)
 Comments: 26 pages, 4 figures
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2014-20 High-Energy Vector Boson Scattering after the Higgs Discovery
 Author:   W. Kilian, T. Ohl, J. Reuter, M. Sekulla
 SI-HEP-2014-19 The impact of Power Corrections in the prediction of B→ K* μμ Observables
 Author:   Sebastien Descotes-Genon, Lars Hofer, Joaquim Matias, Javier Virto
 SI-HEP-2014-18 Non-Leptonic Heavy Meson Decays - Theory Status
 Author:   Thorsten Feldmann
 Comments: Presented at the 2014 Flavor Physics and CP Violation (FPCP-2014), Marseille, France, May 26-30 2014, 13 pages, 2 figures
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2014-17 Extracting Angular Observables without a Likelihood, and Applications to Rare Decays
 Author:   Frederik Beaujean (Universe Cluster & LMU München), Marcin Chrzaszcz and Nicola Serra (University Zürich), Danny van Dyk
 SI-HEP-2014-16 Angular Analysis of the Decay Lambdab to Lambda (to N pi) ell+ell-
 Author:   Philipp Böer, Thorsten Feldmann, Danny van Dyk (U Siegen)
 Comments: 31 pages, 1 figure
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2014-15 Renormalization Group Evolution of Flavour Invariants
 Author:   Thorsten Feldmann, Thomas Mannel (U Siegen), Steffen Schwertfeger (TU Munich)
 Comments: 27 pages, 3 figures
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2014-14 Exclusive Decays in the Heavy Quark Expansion: From Models to real QCD
 Author:   Thomas Mannel
 Comments: Contribution to the Kolya Uraltsev Memorial Volume ``QCD and Heavy Quarks''
 SI-HEP-2014-13 Precision measurements of θ12 for testing models of discrete leptonic flavour symmetries
 Author:   Peter Ballett, Stephen F. King, Christoph Luhn, Silvia Pascoli, Michael A. Schmidt
 SI-HEP-2014-12 The Physics of the B Factories
 Author:   A. J. Bevan (Queen Mary, London), B. Golob (Univ. of Ljubljana), T. Mannel, S. Prell (Iowa State Univ.), B. D. Yabsley (Univ. of Sydney) [General Editors]
 Comments: Joint Book by BaBar and Belle, 928 pages
 SI-HEP-2014-11 Towards NNLO corrections in B → D π
 Author:   Tobias Huber, Susanne Kränkl
 SI-HEP-2014-10 Leptonic and Semileptonic B Deacys
 Author:   Jochen Dingfelder (Uni Bonn), Thomas Mannel
 SI-HEP-2014-09 Flavour Models with Three Higgs Generations
 Author:   Florian Hartmann, Wolfgang Kilian
 SI-HEP-2014-08 Radiative Inflation and Dark Energy RIDEs again after BICEP2
 Author:   Pasquale Di Bari, Stephen F. King, Christoph Luhn, Alexander Merle, Angnis Schmidt-May
 SI-HEP-2014-07 WHIZARD 2.2 for Linear Colliders
 Author:   W. Kilian, F. Bach, T. Ohl, J. Reuter
 SI-HEP-2014-06 Simplified Models for Vector Boson Scattering at ILC and CLIC
 Author:   J. Reuter, W. Kilian, M. Sekulla
 SI-HEP-2014-05 Improved Estimates for the Parameters of the Heavy Quark Expansion
 Author:   Johannes Heinonen, Thomas Mannel
 SI-HEP-2014-04 Inclusive Semileptonic B Decays from QCD with NLO Accuracy for Power Suppressed Terms
 Author:   Thomas Mannel, Alexei Pivovarov, Dennis Rosenthal
 Comments: Four pages, two figures
 Abstract  -  [PDF]  -
 SI-HEP-2014-03 B → K* μ+μ- optimised observables in the MSSM
 Author:   F. Mahmoudi, S. Neshatpour, J. Virto
 SI-HEP-2014-02 The leptonic decay of the Upsilon(1S) meson to third order in QCD
 Author:   Martin Beneke, Yuichiro Kiyo, Peter Marquard, Alexander Penin, Jan Piclum, Dirk Seidel, Matthias Steinhauser
 SI-HEP-2014-01 Three-loop matching of the vector current
 Author:   Jan H. Piclum, Dirk Seidel, Matthias Steinhauser
 SI-HEP-2013-18 B-Meson Light-Cone Distribution Amplitude: Perturbative Constraints and Asymptotic Behaviour in Dual Space
 Author:   Th. Feldmann, B. O. Lange, Y.-M. Wang
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2013-17 Multiple Scales in Pati-Salam Unification Models
 Author:   Florian Hartmann, Wolfgang Kilian, Karsten Schnitter
 Comments: Published in JHEP05(2014)064
 Abstract  -  [PDF]  -
 SI-HEP-2013-16 Two-pion low-energy contribution to the muon g-2 with improved precision from analyticity and unitarity
 Author:   B.Ananthanarayan, Irinel Caprini, Diganta Das, I. Sentitemsu Imsong
 Comments: published in Phys.Rev. D89 (2014) 3, 036007
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2013-15 Applications of QCD Sum Rules to Heavy Quark Physics
 Author:   Alexander Khodjamirian
 Comments: Lectures at the Helmholtz International Summer School, Physics of Heavy Quarks and Hadrons, July 2013, Dubna, Russia
 SI-HEP-2013-14 Radial excitations of heavy-light mesons from QCD sum rules
 Author:   P. Gelhausen, A. Khodjamirian, A. A. Pivovarov and D. Rosenthal
 Comments: Published in The European Physical Journal C
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2013-13 Lepton Flavor Violating tau to 3 ell Decays with Polarization
 Author:   Thomas Mannel
 Comments: Proceedings of the 1st Conference on Charged Lepton Flavor Violation, Lecce, Italy, May 6.-8., 2013
 Abstract  -  [PDF]
 SI-HEP-2013-12 Parametrization-free determination of the shape parameters for the pion electromagnetic form factor
 Author:   B. Ananthanarayan, I. Caprini, Diganta Das, I. Sentitemsu Imsong
 Comments: Published in Eur.Phys.J. C73 (2013) 2520
 SI-HEP-2013-11 Study of Electroweak Interactions at the Energy Frontier
 Author:   M. Baak, A. Blondel, A. Bodek, R. Caputo, T. Corbett, C. Degrande, O. Eboli, J. Erler, B. Feigl, A. Freitas, J. Gonzalez Fraile, M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia, J. Haller, J. Han, S. Heinemeyer, A. Hoecker, J. L. Holzbauer, S.-C. Hsu, R. Kogler, B. Jager, W. Kilian, P. Langacker, S. Li, L. Linssen, M. Marx, O. Mattelaer, J. Metcalfe, K. Monig, G. Moortgat-Pick, M.-A. Pleier, C. Pollard, M. Ramsey-Musolf, M. Rauch, J. Reuter, M. Rominsky, J. Rojo, W. Sakumoto, M. Schott, C. Schwinn, M. Sekulla, J. Stelzer, E. Torrence, A. Vicini, G. Weiglein, G. Wilson, L. Zeune
 Abstract  -  [PDF]  -
 SI-HEP-2013-10 Comprehensive Bayesian Analysis of Rare (Semi)leptonic and Radiative B Decays
 Author:   Frederik Beaujean, Christoph Bobeth, Danny van Dyk
 SI-HEP-2013-09 Semileptonic B Meson Decays and the Determination of Vcb and Vub
 Author:   Robert Kowalewski (U. Victoria, Canada), Thomas Mannel (U Siegen, Germany)
 Comments: Update of the 2012 PDG Mini Review, to appear in the 2014 Edition of the Review of Particle Properties
 SI-HEP-2013-08 Monte Carlo tools for studies of non-standard gauge boson interactions in multi-boson processes: A Snowmass Whitepaper
 Author:   Celine Degrande, Oscar Eboli, Bastian Feigl, Barbara Jäger, Wolfgang Kilian, Olivier Mattelear, Michael Rauch, Jürgen Reuter, Marco Sekulla, Doreen Wackeroth
 [PDF]  -
 SI-HEP-2013-07 Disentangling the Decay Observables in B- → π+ π- l- νl
 Author:   Sven Faller, Thorsten Feldmann, Alexander Khodjamirian, Thomas Mannel, Danny van Dyk
 Comments: Published in Phys. Rev. D 89, 014015 (2014)
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2013-06 Traces of New Physics in Vector Boson Scattering - Input for Snowmass 2013
 Author:   J. Reuter, W. Kilian, M. Sekulla
 [PDF]  -
 SI-HEP-2013-05 Light-Cone Distribution Amplitudes for Heavy-Quark Hadrons
 Author:   Guido Bell, Thorsten Feldmann, Yu-Ming Wang, Matthew W Y Yip
 Comments: 39 pages, 11 figures
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2013-04 Phenomenology of the exclusive rare semileptonic decay B to K pi l+ l-
 Author:   Danny van Dyk
 Comments: To appear in the Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on B-Physics at Hadron Machines, April 8-12 2013, Bologna, Italy
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2013-03 The four-loop cusp anomalous dimension from iterated Wilson line integrals
 Author:   J. M. Henn, T. Huber
 Abstract  -  [PDF]  -
 SI-HEP-2013-02 Decay constants of heavy-light vector mesons from QCD sum rules
 Author:   P. Gelhausen, A. Khodjamirian, A. A. Pivovarov, D. Rosenthal
 Comments: Accepted in Phys.Rev. D
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2013-01 Calculational Tools in the Era of Super-Flavour Factories
 Author:   Thomas Mannel
 Comments: Contribution to the proceedings of the 4th workshop on flavour physics, Anacapri, Capri, June 11-13, 2012
 Abstract  -  [PDF]
 SI-HEP-2012-22 Understanding perturbative results for decays of tau-leptons into hadrons.
 Author:   S.Groote, J.G.Körner, and A.A.Pivovarov
 SI-HEP-2012-21 General Analysis of B to K(*) l+ l- Decays at Low Recoil
 Author:   Christoph Bobeth, Gudrun Hiller, Danny van Dyk
 Comments: to appear in Physical Review D
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2012-20 Implications of the experimental results on rare b to s (gamma, l+ l-) decays
 Author:   Frederik Beaujean, Christoph Bobeth, Danny van Dyk
 Comments: Proceedings of CKM 2012, the 7th International Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle, University of Cincinnati, USA, 28 September - 2 October 2012
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2012-19 Soft contribution to Bto gamma ell nuell and the B-meson distribution amplitude
 Author:   V.M.Braun and A.Khodjamirian
 Comments: Published in Phys.Lett. B718 (2013) 1014-1019
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2012-18 Resummation of rapidity logarithms in B meson wave functions
 Author:   Hsiang-nan Li, Yue-Long Shen and Yu-Ming Wang
 Comments: 12 pages, 4 figures
 Abstract  -  [PDF]  -
 SI-HEP-2012-17 The Sudakov form factor to three loops in N=4 super Yang-Mills
 Author:   Tobias Huber
 Comments: Proceedings of Loops and Legs 2012
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2012-16 Bs→ Ds K as a Probe of CPT Violation
 Author:   Anirban Kundu, Soumitra Nandi, Sunando Kumar Patra, Amarjit Soni
 SI-HEP-2012-15 Delta ACP in D-Decays and ``Old Physics''
 Author:   Thorsten Feldmann
 Comments: Proceedings contribution to FLASY 2012
 Abstract  -  [PDF]
 SI-HEP-2012-14 Implications of LHCb measurements and future prospects
 Author:   LHCb Collaboration (I. Bediaga (Rio de Janeiro, CBPF) et al.), and ... T. Feldmann, ...,S. Nandi, ... et al.
 Comments: 178 pages; many figures. Executive summary submitted as a standalone document (LHCb-PUB-2012-009) to the European Strategy Preparatory Group
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2012-13 Two Higgs doublets and 4th generation fermions
 Author:   Shaouly Bar-Shalom, Michael Geller, Soumitra Nandi, and Amarjit Soni
 SI-HEP-2012-12 Systematics of the cusp anomalous dimension
 Author:   J. M. Henn, T. Huber
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2012-11 QCD in the Color-Flow Representation
 Author:   W. Kilian, T. Ohl, J. Reuter, C. Speckner
 Abstract  -  [PDF]  -
 SI-HEP-2012-10 B to K ell+ell- decay at large hadronic recoil
 Author:   A. Khodjamirian, Th. Mannel and Y.-M. Wang
 Comments: Published in JHEP 1302 (2013) 010
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2012-09 Minimal Flavour Violation and Anomalous Top Decays
 Author:   S. Faller, S. Gadatsch and Th. Mannel
 Comments: 12 pages, 6 figures
 Abstract  -  [PDF]  -
 SI-HEP-2012-08 Higgs Mass Spectrum of non-SUSY SU(5)
 Author:   Karsten Schnitter
 SI-HEP-2012-07 A numerical test of differential equations for sunrise diagrams using configuration space techniques
 Author:   S.Groote, J.G.Körner, A.A.Pivovarov
 SI-HEP-2012-06 Charm CP Violation and Electric Dipole Moments
 Author:   Thomas Mannel, Nikolai Uraltsev
 SI-HEP-2012-05 Loop-less Electric Dipole Moment of the Nucleon in the Standard Model
 Author:   Thomas Mannel, Nikolai Uraltsev
 Comments: 10 pages, 2 figures
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2012-04 Determination of Vcb and Vub
 Author:   Robert Kowalewski (Univ. of Victoria, Canada) and Thomas Mannel
 Comments: Mini-Review, to appear in the 2012 Edition of the "Review of Particle Properties"
 SI-HEP-2012-03 Repercussions of Flavor Symmetry Breaking on CP Violation in D-Meson Decays
 Author:   Thorsten Feldmann, Soumitra Nandi (Siegen), Amarjit Soni (BNL)
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2012-02 Next-to-leading-order corrections to B to pi form factors in kT factorization
 Author:   Hsiang-nan Li, Yue-Long Shen, Yu-Ming Wang
 Comments: PhysRevD.85.074004
 Abstract  -  [PDF]  -
 SI-HEP-2012-01 Novel Ideas about Emergent Vacua and Higgs-like Particles
 Author:   Fritz W. Bopp
 Comments: published in Nuclear Physics B (Proc. Suppl.) 219-220 (2011) 259-262
 Abstract  -

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